Our NCS World Atlas has had a makeover. It still helps policymakers and the perplexed come to terms with NCS mitigation potential globally, but the influx of regionally-explicit science has injected it with more dynamism. A simple, intuitive interface brings it all to life.

Users can view the data at a global level or zoom into a country, and choose between all pathways or just those considered cost-effective. From here, users can either:

  • Toggle between NCS’s three pillars: Protect, Manage or Restore.
  • Play around with the full list of individual NCS from the get go. For example, deselect everything but Reforestation, Trees in Agriculture Lands and Peatland Restoration.
  • Or do both: select a pillar, say Protect, and deselect Avoided Forest Conversion to show the mitigation potential of mangroves and peatlands.
NCS World Atlas_Full screengra

To support promotion of the NCS World Atlas, we have created a set of social assets for you to use.

Download all assets here.