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Monday 21st September — Imagine for one minute that Nature4Climate has been successful. By 2030, this is what the Earth would look like. Our planet will be green again and our atmosphere clean. Where it can be, our food will be grown in a way that regenerates the soil. Our forests will be growing, not burning or falling, and our mangroves will stand strong and protect the coastal communities.

Nature’s crucial moment at the next UN Climate Summit

At what might be the most high-profile summit on climate change since the 2015 UN conference that led to the Paris Agreement, nature will play a central role as a lead theme and one of the key six ‘action’ areas at the UN Secretary-General summit, during Climate Week. To celebrate and endorse nature’s role as a climate solution and its intrinsic value providing a third of the climate solution by 2030, Nature4Climate will host four days of powerful programming at the Convene 101 Park Avenue and Central Park Zoo from September 22nd to 25th.