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Could Brazil be on verge of one of world’s biggest conservation agreements?

The Brazilian Cerrado is a biodiverse mixed ecosystem. It is almost three times bigger than Texas, but half of its natural habitat has been lost as it is converted to croplands and cattle pasture, and especially soy plantations. A Cerrado accord breakthrough could be at hand, conserving Brazil’s biodiverse savanna, and setting a new conservation precedent protecting its mosaic of ecosystems.

Foundations alliance commits $459m to support of forests, lands and rights for climate change goals

In an announcement to coincide with this week’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, a group of 18 foundations committed to step up support for initiatives that have the potential to slow climate change. These include land use policies that help achieve climate targets; agricultural production that supports sustainable food; and indigenous people’s management of forests.

An Open Goal: Why Forests and Nature Need to be at the Center of the Sustainable Development Agenda

The United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development kicked off on Monday at the UN headquarters in New York. This year’s theme focusses on the “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies” and the SDGs in review are of relevance to migration. WWF authors explore why nature is central to it all.