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Where communities and crabs work for Mangroves

If there is a last line of defense against climate change, it may well lie in the mangrove trees that cling to coastlines throughout the tropics. Locked in the mud of these unique tidal forests is thousands of years’ worth of accumulated carbon. Clear the mangroves — as humanity has been doing ever faster in recent years — and that carbon is slowly released into the atmosphere, where it accelerates global warming.

The power of the mighty mangrove: a magnificent tale of love and loss

This month, we are focusing on mangroves. Mangrove forests are not only evocative of tropical coastlines, slow-moving waters and brackish water where freshwater and salt water mix. They are indicators of resilience and strength. A new Mangrove Restoration Map shows that restoration of lost mangroves worldwide could lead to the storage of an extra 69 million tonnes of carbon in aboveground biomass.