N4C Voices

Below are a handful of quotes from individuals we feel really are trying to make a difference. If you see a quote you like, feel free to download the social pack. Each social pack includes files for Facebook and Twitter.

Tim Jarvis || Environmental Explorer and Scientist, WWF Ambassador

“Nature can be our strongest ally in combatting climate change. In fact, as deforestation accounts for almost 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions it isn’t overstating things to say we cannot defeat climate change without enlisting the help of the natural world.”

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Jochen Flasbarth || State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

“For many years, the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the BMU has supported partners of the Nature4Climate initiative in their efforts to promote  ecosystem-based adaptation, forest and biodiversity conservation, and to reduce emissions from deforestation and land-use-change. We look forward to seeing this new partnership pushing climate action in the land-use sector, integrating the full potential of natural solutions.”

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Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim || Policy Board Member, UN Indigenous Peoples Partnership

“For Indigenous Peoples and people living from natural resources, it is of the utmost importance to maintain and protect our natural environment. I am an indigenous woman of the Mbororo community, a nomadic people from Chad, where we can see and feel the impacts of climate change all year round, including increasing desertification and droughts.”

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Prof. Kazuhiko Takeuchi || President, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

“The world must move towards a holistic approach to land management for the benefit of both people and nature. Many of the changes in land-use patterns taking place in the Asia-Pacific region are driving the region in the opposite direction. To counter these, commitment at the highest levels is needed, which is why the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies welcomes the launch of Nature4Climate.”

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Frances Seymour || Senior Research Fellow, World Resources Institute

“The science is clear: we simply can’t meet the goals of the Paris Agreement without dramatically upping our game in the land sector. Although forests alone constitute more than half of the cost-effective mitigation options in many developing countries, they don’t receive anywhere near that share of climate finance, political attention, or media coverage.”

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Miguel Arias Cañete || European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy

“The EU has the world’s most ambitious climate strategy and is committed to lead by example. So far, the EU 2030 energy strategy includes the land sector’s climate emissions and removal potentials in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. Nonetheless, we need to raise our level of ambition. I am particularly pleased to welcome the Nature4Climate initiative that aims at complementing existing climate efforts by addressing nature’s potential to reducing emissions.”

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