205. Nature-based solutions in China: Best practices and the way forward: 11:00am – 12:30pm

News 10.09.19

Posted by Reena Chadee

Event time: 11:00am – 12:30pm
Location: Pershing Hub, Convene, 101 Park Avenue
Event organizer: National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation; The Nature Conservancy

“Nature” is not only the “victim” of climate change, but also an “important frontline” to cope with climate change. As a comprehensive means for mitigation and adaptation and guided by the idea of ecological civilization and harmony between human and nature, Nature-based Solutions (NBS) seeks to effectively cope with climate change and achieve related Sustainable Development Goals by fostering a development pattern based on respect for nature and green development, by following nature’s ways and preserving nature. The 2019 Climate Action Summit will further enhance the awareness of the NBS, so that the governments, financial institutions, business, and all the other stakeholders will prioritize Nature-Based Solutions to address the climate crisis and to deliver concrete and credible actions, to make common efforts on an ambitious, implementable, win-win, and with wide participation outcome.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in partnership with National Centre for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC), is organizing a workshop named “Nature-based Solutions in China: Best Practices and the Way Forward” at Nature’s Climate Hub in New York on September 23, 2019.

This workshop is supported by Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China (DCC MEE) as well as Nature4Climate (N4C), and it aims to share China’s NBS stories including best practices and priority actions, to enhance the discussion on related issues, so as to better promote the development of NBS in the future.



-Lynn Scarlett (Global Climate Strategy Managing Director & VP Global Policy and Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy)

-MA Aimin (DDG of NCSC)

-HE Jiankun (Professor of Tsinghua University)

-Barney Dickson (Director of Policies and Programs of Global Center on Adaptation)

-Dimitri do Boer (Chief Representative of China, ClientEarth)

-Fan Dai (CEO of California-China Climate Policy Institute (TBD)

-Janos Pasztor (ED of Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative)

-Rose Niu (Chief Sustainability Officer, Paulson Institute)

-ZHANG Xiaoquan (Chief Science Officer (China), TNC)

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Partners/Sponsors: Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Nature4Climate