Nature4Climate promotes the critical role that nature plays in restoring balance to our climate.

Natural climate solutions can provide a third of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed between now and 2030 to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement.

Moreover, approximately 70% of the nature-based solutions to climate that are needed are low impact – they can come from strengthening protections for existing natural ecosystems or from improving practices in managed forests and farmlands.

Nature4Climate (N4C) was founded in 2017 to raise the profile of these solutions, and drive increased action and investment in natural climate solutions.

We do that by communicating the immediate benefits of nature-based solutions – societal, environmental and economic – to decision makers in both the public and private sector.

Our work includes advocating for and demonstrating the breadth and untapped potential of better management of land activities; pointing out successes around the world; facilitating dialogue around nature-based solutions; sharing scientific knowledge; providing unbranded communications resources and creative treatments of the subject, and more.

Ultimately, our aim is to bring the story of nature-based climate solutions to as broad an audience as possible.

And it’s working. The prominence of nature in online climate conversations has risen from 1% in 2017 to 12% today, and public funding for these solutions has increased from 3% to around 8%. In 2015 only three academic papers were dedicated to natural climate solutions whereas, by 2019, there were more than 100.

But there is still much more to do. Humanity cannot achieve the 1.5ºC target of the UN Climate Paris agreement without nature. It’s that simple and that important. So we need to protect, restore and fund nature; we need to better connect people and nature, and we need to do it now.

Crucially, governments, civil society, businesses and investors must come together to invest in and act on nature-based climate solutions. They can make major contributions to governments’ national climate pledges (or nationally-determined contributions) and also help businesses increase long-term profitability.

Find out more about natural climate solutions – N4C is looking for natural climate leaders all over the world. Please join the conversation through #NatureNow, @nature4climate or get in touch at



Nature4Climate (N4C) is an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UN-REDD, UNEP, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Conservation International (CI), The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Woods Hole Research Center, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), World Resources Institute (WRI), WWF, We Mean Business, The Food and Land Use Coalition and Youth4Nature. The secretariat is housed in The Nature Conservancy. We aim to increase investment and action on nature-based solutions in support of the 2015 Paris climate agreement. N4C works to catalyze partnerships between governments, civil society, businesses and investors based on the urgency to protect, restore and fund nature-based solutions. N4C believes in the importance of integrating nature across all government decision making, that NDCs can be greatly enhanced using nature-based solutions, and that finance flows to nature-based solutions need to be increased, and in many areas, reformed.