About Us

Who we are

Nature4Climate (N4C) is a coalition of organizations across the environmental sector, all dedicated to helping raise the profile of nature as a solution for a more sustainable, equitable and nature-positive future.

We do this by catalysing partnerships between governments, civil society, businesses and investors. Our work includes advocating for and demonstrating the breadth and untapped potential of better management of land activities; highlighting success stories of meaningful nature and climate action around the world; facilitating dialogue around nature-based solutions; sharing scientific knowledge; providing unbranded communications resources and creative treatments of the subject, and more.

What we want

Humanity cannot achieve the 1.5ºC target of the UN Climate Paris agreement without nature. It’s that simple and that important.

So we need to protect, restore, and sustainably manage our natural ecosystems and the people that live in them; and we need to do it now. It is in addition to the energy transition – we need to do both.

Ultimately, our aim is to bring the story of nature-based climate solutions to as broad an audience as possible. We do this by promoting five critical transformations:

Nature underpins economies and society on many levels. Nature4Climate leads a global unbranded communications and advocacy campaign designed to unlock solutions that integrate the value of nature in decision-making and global market mechanisms, including pricing the use of natural resources and ecosystem services, and penalising the destruction of nature.

Strong nature-positive investment and action calls for stronger policy mechanisms across global, national and subnational levels. N4C leads on strategic communications and advocacy to raise global ambition at key geopolitical moments by enhancing the quality and quantity of NBS implementation, through NBS in NDCs and other policy mechanisms.

From international organizations to national governments and local communities, people are deploying good practices and addressing lessons learned in every region of the planet. N4C links science, policy-making and case studies to highlight projects that consider protection, restoration, and improved land management actions in forests, wetlands, grasslands, and agricultural lands, while delivering a range of other benefits for the people and the planet.

N4C coordinates intelligence sharing and unbranded communications focused on addressing common misconceptions of NbS, including facilitating discussions around carbon markets and adaptation, as well as supporting the ‘nature tech’ movement.

N4C works to increase meaningful engagement of financial institutions to halt commodity-driven deforestation by providing common timeframes, roadmaps and guidance, supported by communications.

Past campaigns


The nature-based solutions movement needs to speak, wherever possible, with one voice — to achieve our collective goals at the UN Climate Action Summit and beyond into 2020.

Nature Positive Recovery

Principles for investing in nature-based jobs and initiatives to stimulate the post-COVID economy.


Our future needs to be both ‘Net Zero’ and ‘Nature+Positive’

The Forgotten Solution

Research tells us that nature can be ONE THIRD of the climate solution required by 2030 – if we are to meet the Paris Agreement goals. It is scalable, affordable and available right now.

Nature’s place in the race

Thank you for registering for Nature’s Place in the Race, on Friday 13th November. This is our summary report – and for those who couldn’t make it, you can now watch the sessions using the embedded links.


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Enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions: Opportunities for Ocean-Based Climate Action

Who's with us

Nature4Climate brings together organizations around the world in a joint effort to drive investment in and action on nature-based solutions (NbS).

N4C Secretariat

The Secretariat is housed in The Nature Conservancy office in London, United Kingdom.

Lucy Almond


Lucy is one of the driving forces behind the dynamic coalition, Nature4Climate, a strategic mobilisation response to climate change. Through Nature4Climate, she has helped to catalyse action and investment in nature-based solutions to climate change. Governments, companies and civil society organizations around the world are now recognising the urgent need for natural climate solutions, alongside decarbonisation strategies. She has played a central role in bringing together many different sectors of civil society to create an alliance of resolute partners committed to addressing the climate crisis and protecting and restoring our natural ecosystems. Lucy has guided Nature4Climate’s influencing strategy, building awareness of nature-based solutions, and engaging with governments, the private sector and more recently with youth mobilisation groups. In achieving this, Lucy’s past experience has been invaluable: drawing on her background as an international strategic communications specialist in the energy and natural resources sector, with experience at The Nature Conservancy, BP and at her own consultancy.

James Lloyd


His background is as a UK based environmental activist. Having spent a decade working in and around the UK Parliament advising Political Parties and a number of large NGOs. James is currently the project lead for Nature4Climate, an international multi-sectoral strategic communications and advocacy platform. At its core is the objective that natural climate solutions that are capable of being one third of the solution to climate change by 2030. N4C targets and networks international leaders to build ambition and accelerate delivery. James is a catalyst whose work is a mission to help to nurtures a hotbed of ‘regenerative’ ideas that over the next decade have the potential of meeting the triple challenge ending biodiversity decline slowing dangerous climate change and reducing poverty.

Patricia da Matta

Communications Lead

Patricia da Matta is a Brazilian journalist whose expertise in communications strategies for dynamic audiences. Passionate about storytelling, for over 12 years, she has engaged in strategy design and implementation for communications endeavors across many fields, including climate action, sustainable agriculture, and energy, for private, governmental and non-governmental organizations in Brazil and abroad. She joins TNC from the UNFCCC Secretariat, where she helped design the communications framework for the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform (LCIPP), as well as the Nairobi Work Programme (NWP), under the vulnerabilities subdivision. Previously, Patricia has held positions at the digital team dedicated to deliver the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Agency, where she led the communications and outreach plan for the Brazilian Pavilion at COP24. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia thrives in multicultural environments and has lived in the United States, France, Scotland and Sweden, the latter where she received her master’s degree in Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg. She now returns to the UK to join TNC and Nature4Climate London team, where she will take on the challenge of leading communications for the Nature4Climate Coalition and the NCS Action Mapper, under the Tackle Climate Change division.

Emmylie Borg

Strategic Partnerships Lead

Emmylie Borg Nilsson is a Swedish communications professional based in the UK. She has been with The Nature Conservancy and Nature4Climate since 2019, specialising in strategic communications, partnership management and project delivery for large-scale global initiatives. For the past couple of years, Emmylie has been leading on project delivery of the Nature Zone partnership at the UNFCCC CoP26 and CoP27. Before joining The Nature Conservancy, Emmylie spent several years working for international PR and Public Affairs firms with development and implementation of multi-channel campaigns focused on awareness raising, advocacy, and behavioural change. Most notably, she led partnership strategy for the award-winning #BetterThanThat campaign in 2017, raising awareness of the rising number of post-Brexit hate crimes in the UK. Emmylie has a MSc in Political Science from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Nimshani Khawe

Project Coordinator

Nimshani, an Italian with Sri Lankan roots, holds an MSc in Geography specializing in Environmental Risks and Human Security from the United Nations University in Bonn. With a rich background in various geographical settings and multicultural teams, Nimshani has actively contributed to sustainable development and climate mitigation and adaptation efforts. Her roles have encompassed advocacy, high-level regional and national event planning in Asia and the Pacific, research, and analysis across diverse organizations, including the Ministry of Sustainable Development in Colombo, UNESCAP and UNEP in Bangkok, and the German Development Institute in Bonn. Currently serving as the N4C Project Coordinator, Nimshani focuses on movement building, aiming to foster a robust, diverse, and inclusive membership organization. Her responsibilities include delivering membership value, monitoring and reporting progress, and cultivating relationships with IPLCs and youth groups engaged in NbS, amplifying their influence in the climate-nature discourse.

Joanna Benn

Strategic Communications Advisor

Joanna Benn is British and specialises in communicating and campaigning on international environmental issues. She currently works for The Nature Conservancy on strategic communications across a variety of issues. She has lived and worked in six countries including the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Kenya, the USA and Belgium and considers herself very much a ‘global citizen’. She has worked for various non-governmental organizations and the United Nations Environment Programme leading projects and communications, as well as for international news networks, foundations and print outlets. Jo worked in the ITN Newsroom having won the annual Terry Lloyd Memorial Bursary in 2008 and was an Executive Producer of Extinction Sucks, an internet television series for Babelgum. She has written for various environment websites and print outlets including the BBC, NatGeo Asia, Biz Green, WWF and The Environmentalist. She began her career at Associated Press TV News in London as a TV producer where she managed production of international news packages and promotional materials, after an internship at CNN and a spell at the BBC. She is proficient in Spanish & French.

Chris Zganjar

NCS Science Advisor

During Chris’ tenure at The Nature Conservancy, he has conducted and supported climate adaptation and mitigation research on four continents. He has developed innovative conservation and natural system management approaches using climate change impacts analyses and decision support applications that guide Conservancy programs and partners. Chris has led the development of numerous initiatives that directly support project implementation, global policy and communications, and the visualization and dissemination of cutting-edge scientific research that that connects science to action. Currently, Chris is a Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) Specialist at The Nature Conservancy where he is leading the development of an online platform that will allow decision makers to put Natural Climate Solutions into action, by showing where and which NCS activities have the highest climate, biodiversity, and human-wellbeing benefits and likelihood of success.

Mariana Ceccon

Communications Coordinator

Mariana Ceccon is a multimedia Brazilian journalist with a strong background in content production and storytelling. She is enthusiastic about discovering captivating stories. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication – Journalism from the Universidade Federal do Paraná, as well as a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. Her master’s thesis addresses care as a political and security response to global threats, including climate change. Over the course of her 12-year career, Mariana has been awarded the Young Journalist Prize from the Vladimir Herzog Institute of Human Rights. She has worked for diverse media outlets, covering a wide range of topics such as international news, politics, Nature-based Solutions (NbS), science, and innovation. Prior to joining N4C, Mariana held the role of editor at the United Nations Information Centre in Rio de Janeiro. In this capacity, she covered UN operations and major international summits, including COPs.

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