Comment: Why Brazilian investors need to be on the frontline of fighting climate change

Conservation 11.01.24

Posted by José Pugas
Photo credit: © Kevin Arnold
Photo credit: © Kevin Arnold/TNC

As Brazil prepares to host COP30 in 2025, José Pugas of JGP Asset Management emphasizes that the country’s future depends on how swiftly it can transition to zero-deforestation supply chains that are resilient to climate impacts.

Investors need to establish influential partnerships with companies at the core of society’s most significant issues, urging them to transform. This involves collaborating with major players like JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, to reform its business model and reduce its substantial impact on climate and nature.

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“With deforestation for food production responsible for nearly three-quarters of Brazil’s emissions and increasingly linked to worsening droughts, we have to do all we can to halt and reverse the destruction of our vital ecosystems, at the same time as continuing to develop our agriculture industry”.

José Pugas to Reuters