Natural Climate Solutions: The Role of Nature and People in Delivering Positive Climate Mitigation Impacts

World Business Council for Sustainable Development, The Natural Climate Solutions Alliance

Thursday, November 17th, 2022
18:00:00 - 20:00:00

The deployment of Natural Climate Solutions, that is Nature-based Solutions addressing climate change and providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits, offer a unique opportunity for business to link-up their climate, biodiversity and social agendas.
This session will focus on how high-quality NCS voluntary carbon credits can support corporate net-zero and nature positive ambitions as they deliver climate mitigation impacts but also biodiversity and social benefits.
The session will be an opportunity to hear from and discuss with businesses on how they use NCS voluntary carbon credits to counterbalance year on year their unabated emissions; from local communities on how the biodiversity and social benefits support the climate mitigation outcomes; and from project developers on how today’s demand can influence tomorrow’s supply of high-quality NCS credits.
The 60 minutes discussion will be followed by a reception and plenty of opportunities to network and exchange with business, NGOs and solutions providers on how to scale demand for high-quality Natural Climate Solutions.


  • Giulia Carbone, Director, NCS Alliance
  • Diana Morí, Nii Kaniti, Peru
  • Jamie Hendriksen, Kasigau REDD+, Kenya
  • Jean Robert Bwangoy, Mai Ndombe, DRC
  • Anna Lehmann, Wildlife Works
  • Sophie Arndt, Ecosphere+
  • Ponce de Leon, Boston Consulting Group