The Storyteller and the Changemakers: A Case for Hope

National Geographic Society

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022
16:00:00 - 16:45:00

First-hand stories are critical for raising awareness about how the climate crisis is affecting people – particularly within communities that have not contributed to the problem – and galvanizing a sense of urgency at the global level. Amidst rising temperatures and worsening drought, local communities are coming together to face their circumstances with bravery and innovating solutions to ensure their survival. At the same time, businesses are heeding the call to act, realizing that the future must be green, and understanding that our only viable path forward is one where we work together from global to local to ensure that our planet is habitable and prosperous for all. Join Miora Rajaonar, National Geographic Explorer from Madagascar joins Kaitlin Yarnall, Chief Storytelling Officer of National Geographic Society, and Sally Fouts, Director of The Climate Pledge, for a conversation about the power of visual, authentic storytelling to document the global climate crisis and the creative solutions local communities are implementing. Miora will visually present her work capturing climate impacts on food supply and agricultural solutions to Southern Madagascar’s “kéré,” or period of hunger.


  • Kaitlin Yarnall , Chief Storytelling Officer, National Geographic Society
  • Miora Rajaonary, Visual Storyteller and National Geographic Explorer
  • Sally Fouts , Director, The Climate Pledge