Finding space for renewables

News 13.12.18

Posted by The Nature Conservancy

A new science study shows that countries including the top 10 emitters can meet the Paris Agreement energy targets and maintain natural climate solutions by prioritizing development of renewables on already converted lands and avoiding conversion of natural lands. The analysis also reveals that the world has 19 times the required energy targets on converted lands. Furthermore, some regions (e.g., Africa) that will experience substantial population growth and that currently have limited energy infrastructure can also meet their Paris Agreement and future energy targets by developing renewable energy on already converted lands.

Renewable energy, together with energy efficiency and natural climate solutions form the cornerstone of the world’s mitigation strategy. They represent safe, reliable, affordable and immediately deployable pathways to a low-carbon future needed to meet climate goals. Incentivizing renewable energy development on already converted lands should be in the COP24 solutions toolbox to meet Paris Agreement energy targets while protecting natural lands that provide, say the report authors.

As governments face a choice between increasing their climate pledges or embarking on an “immoral” and “suicidal” path according to the UN secretary general António Guterres there has been a renewed plea this week for countries to renew and upgrade their Paris Agreement promises within a year.