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‘Nature Positive’ is a measurable global goal. It refers to halting and reversing biodiversity loss, through gains in the health, abundance, diversity and resilience of species, ecosystems and processes. We are calling for all to take action to support the global goal of a nature positive world by 2030, measured against a 2020 baseline.


COP28 Wrap-Up: Nature at the Core of Climate and Biodiversity Solutions

30/11/2023 - 12/12/2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our last COP28 wrap-up video highlights environmentalist and climate advocate Mashua Elvis Leyian emphasizing the conference’s mission to assess our progress toward the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degrees Celsius goal. Featuring insights from influential voices like King Charles, Minister María Suzanna González of Colombia, and President Macron of France, the video stresses the need to be “Nature Positive” alongside phasing out fossil fuels. 

Mangroves, the Hot Topic at COP28

Valuable insights from thought leaders like Manuel Pulgar Vidal, Emily Landis, and Marina Antonopoulou underscore the urgent need to halt loss and double efforts in mangrove protection and restoration. Collaborative initiatives by WWF and the COP28 UAE Presidency are turning commitments into impactful action, paving the way for a #NaturePositive future.

COP28 Daily Wrap-up: Nature's Newsroom Highlights


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nature Day at COP28 unfolded with a robust commitment to biodiversity and sustainable land use. Fifteen ministers signed a declaration on climate, nature, and people, emphasizing actionable solutions. Notable figures like H.E. Mariam Almheiri and Mary Robinson underscored the urgency to transition from pledges to tangible actions.

Why does nature matter to the #COP28 Youth Leaders?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Carrying the symbolic Nature Positive Baton, COP28 Youth Leaders answer why nature matters to them. From environmental stewardship to the significance in women’s lives, farmers’ partnerships, and Indigenous heritage, each voice underscores the vital connection between nature, youth, and the global community.

Give the Whale a Seat at UN Table - #NaturePositive

New Zealand

In the captivating video “Whales: A Seat at the Table,” these ocean giants emerge as key contributors to climate solutions and indispensable to ocean biodiversity, marine habitats, and our very own survival. The call is clear: world leaders must recognize the sacredness, authority, and ecological significance of these majestic creatures.


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Nature Positive Pavilion @COP28

The Nature Positive Pavilion brought together a coalition of organizations committed to a nature positive world to life. These include: The Nature Conservancy, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Conservation International, Environmental Defense Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society, Pew Charitable Trusts, WBCSD, Smithsonian Institution, IFAW, Global Evergreening Alliance, Business for Nature, National Audubon Society, Capitals Coalition, WWF International and Birdlife.

Last year’s global biodiversity and climate conferences provided us with a clear signal – we must halt and reverse nature loss by 2030. We cannot reach the Paris Agreement goals without nature.

Last year at COP28, the Nature Positive Pavilion mobilized stakeholders across policy, business, science and civil society to put nature at the heart of the negotiations.

We are almost halfway through the decisive decade – it’s time to pick up the pace and turn words into action!

Our 3 key asks:

Companies and governments must end deforestation, as already committed to in the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration. We can cease the degradation of land, wetlands and the ocean, and restore what has been lost, by addressing the key drivers of nature loss such as industrial agriculture. Businesses have a major role to play and should remain accountable by assessing and disclosing their nature-related risks by 2030, as well as investing in natural climate solutions that protect, manage and restore nature.

Governments must urgently secure the tenure and protection of the territories of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. Parties at COP28 must fully recognise their role as stewards of nature as well as their right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent. Provide direct public financing for their stewardship of critical ecosystems and facilitate the provision of private sector investment.

Public and private investments that destroy natural ecosystems, including taxpayer-funded subsidies, must end. Financial mechanisms, such as the VCM, should promote a just transition and align with the level of ambition required to meet the Paris Agreement and halt and reverse nature loss by 2030.

The Nature Positive Pavilion was brought to you by:

Nature Positive Community

“The outpouring of support for Nature4Climate and partners this NYCW is incredible. It’s truly amazing to witness a diverse range of industries seeking climate education for their workforce. Nature technology is pivotal for a just transition.”

Dr. Suwanna Gauntlett
Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Wildlife Alliance

“It’s brilliant to see nature and particularly coastal marine ecosystems at the heart of so much of the conversation at Nature Positive Hub. These are the places where there are the closest and most deeply interconnected links between people, nature and climate.”

Chrissy Durkin and Kat Bruce
Sea Change Leads

“I left the Nature Positive Hub feeling inspired to bring biodiversity and nature strategy to the forefront of the conversation as we continue setting science-based targets and working across sectors to increase financial literacy and measure our impact in this space.”

Jaclyn Aliperti
Ecologist, Program Manager, and Science Communicator