107. #GreenYourWallet: A Financial Response to Climate Change: 9:00am – 10:00am

News 09.09.19

Posted by Reena Chadee

Event time: 9:00am — 10:00am
Location: Pershing Hub, Convene, 101 Park Avenue
Event organizer: UNDP

More than 965 national and sub-national governments around the world have declared a climate emergency. At the same time, governments, investors, financial institutions and corporations continue to invest in deforestation, a major driver of climate change. If we accept that we are facing a climate emergency, what should be our global financial response to deforestation?

Attend this session to learn more about how groups around the world are greening their wallets!


Central Banks Call for Action on Climate Risk

Morgan Després, Banque de France & NGFS Secretariat

Investor Perspectives: Accelerating Action and Innovation

Julie Nash, Ceres

Lauren Compere, Boston Common Asset Management

Adam Kanzer, BNP Paribas Asset Management

A World First: An Ethical Stock Exchange for People & Planet

Tomas Carruthers, Project Heather

ASAP.earth: An App for Accountability & Climate Action

Dan Abbasi, ASAP.earth

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