Looking Ahead: Finance for Jurisdictional REDD+

The Nature Conservancy

Thursday, November 17th, 2022
11:00:00 - 00:00:00

Funding for REDD+ results has increased in recent years with a growing recognition of jurisdictional approaches. This year the first REDD+ jurisdictional programs have started receiving payments, and the increased interest has created multiple pathways for implementing and financing REDD+. This event will highlight government experience implementing jurisdictional programs, and look at tools that can help additional countries understand which program is best for them.


  • Mauro de Almeida, Pará State Environment Secretary, MoE Rep Indonesia
  • Puyr Tembé, IPLC speaker, FEPIPA Brazi
  • Daniel Kandy, State Department, US Government
  • Bia Granziera, The Nature Conservancy
  • Roselyn Fosuah Adjei, Director, Climate Change, Ghana's Forestry Commission