United States NCS Mapper

U.S. State Natural Climate Solutions Mapper

Here you can see how we visualize the amazing potential of what we call ‘natural climate solution pathways.’ This mapper is built around 11 approaches, which have been broken down at the state level. See FAQ for Pathway descriptions and more information.

Natural climate solutions (or NCS) are proven ways of storing and reducing carbon emissions in the world’s forestsgrasslands and wetlands.

The mapper uses three different price points, as well as the maximum mitigation potential that each pathway could achieve. Click the lock icon to set all the pathways to the same level. (See marginal abatement costs in FAQ). We encourage you to discover the many ways that nature and working lands can reduce emissions depending on the cost and our level of ambition.

The table ranks states by mitigation potential, and also that state’s contribution to the US national level, including the land area available for implementation. Click on a pathway name for more information.

At a more detailed level, you can click on an individual state and see the ranked contribution of each pathway. This information is indicative of the US states’ potential for NCS, and we encourage more detailed analysis at the state level for policy and planning purposes.