A letter from your future customer

Dear Business Leaders,

This is a profit warning. When we grow up, we won’t eat food that destroys forests.
We won’t wear clothes that are not grown responsibly. We won’t ride in cars that pollute the planet.

We will only buy products or services from businesses that put nature first.
Because without nature, we cannot restore balance to the climate.


Businesses have a critical role in responding to and mitigating climate change.

We cannot meet the goals of the Paris Agreement without nature. But changing a business and incorporating nature-based solutions is not easy. How can your company find a way to incorporate nature-positive thinking into everything from strategies to supply chains, from sourcing to sales channels?

Where to start and what to do:

There are many initiatives and organizations that can help.

Here are 3 immediate things to consider: 

Opinion: Redefining corporate missions by Paul Polman, Co-founder and Chair of IMAGINE

The long-held belief that the sole purpose of a company is to increase shareholder wealth has grown stale. A growing number of businesses are beginning to redefine their corporate mission to deliver much broader benefits for customers, employees, communities and society at large. 

Read Paul Polman’s full opinion piece here. 

Who is your ‘future customer’?

Today’s Generation Z are your customers of tomorrow. And research shows that they have a clear intent to exercise climate-based purchasing power en masse, making point-of-purchase decisions based on the transparency and credibility of a brand or business’s sustainability strategy.

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