101. A guided meditation to tune into to nature’s wisdom, love and joy: 9:30am – 10:00am

News 10.09.19

Posted by Reena Chadee

Event time: 9:30am — 10:00am
Location: Grand Central Lounge, Convene, 101 Park Avenue
Event organizer: Listening to the earth

Join the Listening to the Earth guided meditation, from 9:30 to 10:00 NY time on the 23rd September, which will be livestreamed around the world. The first part of this event is an invitation to tune into Nature’s wisdom as policymakers gather in the UN Climate Summit to take decisions that will shape our future and the future of the planet. The meditation will be guided by Myra L. Jackson, engineer, spiritual teacher, organizational development professional, focal point on climate change, university instructor, member of the OEWG on the SDGs, expert on the UN’s Harmony with Nature Expert Platform, who was awarded the title “Diplomat of the Biosphere” by the Stockholm Resilience Center with completion of the Planetary Boundaries course. This event is part of the Listening to the Earth Movement, which invites people from around the world and across spiritual paths to unite with each other and with nature, through a moment of contemplation during key political events on the climate. This movement is inspired by the realisation that to restore the health of ecosystems, we need to be guided by our hearts and the greater wisdom that animates all life. We also need to draw from the power that comes from minds and hearts connecting for a common purpose in a spirit of love and compassion. The change we need to see requires policies to be energized by environmental activism and guided by the wisdom of spiritual awakening. It is time to bring the three together in Harmony with Earth’s intelligence. Join us in making this connection happen.

Partners/Sponsors: UNEP