A Regenerative and Circular Economy

Hosted by: Oxford University: Circular Economy Lab; Nature-Based Solutions Initiative; Said Business School

This session discussed the role of business in promoting regenerative and circular practices in light of policy constraints to deploy these at a national level. It emerged that regenerative, nature-positive business models are diverse and already here; the innovative leaders at this cutting-edge of business practice need support if they are to be scaled up. It will be necessary for businesses to take a holistic – inter-generational – approach for the regenerative economy to become a reality.

“Nature-based solutions to climate change do not need as much land as you may think: 40% of solutions come from protecting existing ecosystems, 40% comes from managing working lands and only 20% comes from restoring native ecosystems – so in most countries the majority of solutions will come from protecting and restoring ecosystems not planting new trees.”
Dr Cecile Girardin, Nature-Based Solutions Initiative, University of Oxford


“Businesses need to operate in a way that is regenerative to our environment and our society. Regenerative organic is not about doing no harm it is about doing good.”
Natalie Sluggett, Pukka Herbs


“We need to work as a system connecting each other connecting the dots and making sure we are holding the spirit of the future. We can do this by making these conversations intergenerational. We must be guided by science and inspired and moved by poetry. Here is my haiku for today: North star regenerative, bees buzz, earthy smells, the waves, nature’s gift solutions.”
Charmian Love, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford Regenerative and Circular economy Lab

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Alexis McGivern (moderator); Cecile Girardin, University of Oxford; Natalie Sluggett, Pukka Herbs; Juan Jose Freijo, Brambles; Pipo Reiser, Sinba; Dawn Musil, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford; Charmian Love, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

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