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Hosted by: CDP

This session was led by CDP presenting the case of private sector actors leading in the implementation of forest related nature-based solutions to achieve Paris Agreement goals. Showcasing private sector’s contributions to tackling climate mitigation and adaptation through NbS and ecosystem-based approaches, demonstrating the feasibility and business case for nature and climate protection. Key points that were made are that: nature-based solutions need to be mainstreamed into regulation supporting frameworks like NDCs, SDGs and Biodiversity Targets; we need to improve how we measure NBS and biodiversity and use science-based targets as the direction of travel; and information on how companies impact nature in their supply chains is currently insufficient.

“Companies have a huge role to play in protecting and restoring ecosystems. Nature-based solutions can play an important part in their journey to net zero in line with science-based targets.”
Paul Simpson, CEO, CPD


“In its 2020 disclosure cycle, CDP found 22% of responding companies to its forests questionnaire implement at least one type of nature-based solution. CDP is calling on its supply chain forests members to take-action on deforestation by selecting and pursuing collaborative nature-based solutions projects that have been proposed by their suppliers.”
Nicolette Bartlett, Interim Managing Director, CDP


“The corporate sustainability journey starts from knowing your value chain. By understanding your impact, you learn a lot about your business – and consumers want to know where their food is coming from.”
Eric Soubeiran, Vice-President Nature & Water Cycle, Danone


“We need to see better transparency through corporate disclosure that gives capital markets the information they need to know where the problems and solutions are. Investors and financiers must understand the risks in their lending portfolios and equity investments, then lever that understanding to engage with companies and create the financial products that enable the transition from intensive and extensive unsustainable agriculture to regenerative sustainable agriculture, to satisfy demand and protect our forests.”
Mark Kenber, Managing Director, Orbitas


“Corporate disclosure is vital to reduce deforestation. In 2020 over 500 companies have committed to zero deforestation but we have completely failed to meet these targets. However, over the past five years many companies have systematically equipped themselves to monitor deforestation risk in their supply chains. The foundation for supply chain transparency is stronger than ever before. We need transparency to raise the bar for corporate action and increase the cost of inaction.”
Crystal Davis, Director, Global Forests Watch


“Natura will become net zero by 2030. Nature-based solutions will have a major role in the journey to net zero. We want to go further: we want to stop all deforestation in the Amazon by 2025. Science-based targets for nature can provide a major role in connecting production with global limits.”
Keyvan Macedo, Sustainability Director, Natura

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Paul Simpson, CEO, CDP; Eric Soubeiran, Vice-President Nature & Water Cycle, Danone; Mark Kenber, Managing Director, Orbitas; Keyvan Macedo, Sustainability Director, Natura; Crystal Davis, Director, Global Forest Watch, WRI

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