37% of the solution, 1% of the conversation


To address climate change, we have to invest in natural climate solutions alongside the energy transition. The imperative of realizing these carbon reductions become even more urgent if we are to limit warming to 1.5°C.

Natural climate solutions are proven ways of storing and reducing carbon emissions in the world’s forests, grasslands and wetlands, and better stewardship of the land also has impact on other critical environmental, social and economic benefits, which are less well understood. These solutions are available immediately, are scalable and can transform key sectors of the global economy, such as forestry and agriculture – and they are available almost everywhere on the planet.

Despite the fundamental science being very well understood, action on land use remains much underused as a climate strategy – lacking the funding and attention that has helped kickstart the energy transition.

Nature4Climate is a multi-organization strategic communications platform to help address that gap by raising the profile of natural climate solutions and catalysing action on the ground.

It will use creative communications and advocacy to influence international climate policy, national government policy in selected countries, and private sector action on implementing natural climate solutions between now and 2023. We bring together voices from governments, IGOs and NGOs, and business – underpinned by a steering group with communications and advocacy representation currently from CBD, CI, TNC, the UNDP, WHRC, WRI and WWF.

We are looking for natural climate leaders all over the world. Please join the conversation at #nature4climate or get in touch.