A third of the solution – 3% of public funds

Is nature the forgotten climate solution? We think so. It all seems a bit silly when you can look at the science and see the lack of action. A recent peer reviewed science paper showed that if we did things differently and allowed nature to be the powerhouse it can be, it can absorb 11 gigatonnes of CO2 a year. That’s about the same as stopping the use of oil annually.

To address climate change, we must invest in natural climate solutions alongside the energy transition. Natural climate solutions are proven ways of storing and reducing carbon emissions in the world’s forests, grasslands and wetlands. Better stewardship of the land also has a positive impact on other critical environmental, social and economic benefits.

These solutions are available immediately, are scalable and can transform key sectors of the global economy, such as forestry and agriculture – and they are available almost everywhere on the planet.

Despite the fundamental science being very well understood, action on land use lacks the funding and attention that has helped kickstart the energy transition.

Nature4Climate is a new campaigning vehicle which is supported by a multi-stakeholder coalition. Its purpose is to use strategic communications to drive action on natural climate solutions.

We bring voices from governments, IGOs, NGOs, and business – underpinned by a steering group with communications and advocacy representation currently from CBD, CI, TNC, UNDP, WBCSD, WHRC, WRI, WCS, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Doris Duke Foundation, The Miriam Harvey Catalyst Fund for Global Lands and People, and WWF. We are looking for natural climate leaders all over the world. Please join the conversation at #nature4climate or get in touch.