As we have seen, we must bring land use into the central discourse on climate action—catalysing funding and action.

No one organisation can do this. Over the last two years, we have been developing scientific analysis and broader case studies to show the full breadth of opportunity that natural climate solutions represent. The purpose of the Nature4Climate platform is to increase the contribution of natural climate solutions as a response to the challenge of climate change.

The goals of the platform are as follows:

  1. Elevate the profile of natural climate solutions.
  2. Broaden land use efforts so that they are comprehensive, multi-sectoral and international.
  3. Catalyse action from governments and the private sector to deploy natural climate solutions.

The aim is to change the conversation on land use from beyond conservation efforts. The size of the task demands the combined action of multiple parties—governments, civil society, businesses, indigenous peoples and other communities. The urgency of the challenge and the opportunities offered by the land sector mean that the time is now ripe for unifying our efforts.