Calling all young natural climate leaders

News 25.04.19


A month has passed since more than 1.4 million young people took to the streets to demand action from their representatives in over 300 cities, breathing new life and urgency into the climate movement. In May, Climate Guides — a Canadian-based non-profit formed by youth, for youth — will launch its ‘Youth4Nature’ initiative to encourage young people who are leading the charge for natural climate solutions in their own countries to come forward and bring their stories to the attention of world leaders at the UN Secretary General Climate Summit in September.

Climate Guides has partnered with Nature4Climate to launch this initiative with both organizations committed to increasing the use of natural climate solutions as one third of the solution to climate change by 2030. The project will produce a multimedia ‘storymap’ showcasing individual stories where young people are working with nature as a climate strategy, providing valuable connections for people leading this work, and serving as an advocacy tool at the summit. There will be regional youth mobilization webinars, to increase understanding of the issues and build capacity for youth leaders. Selected youth storytellers will receive the opportunity to tell their stories in person at the UN climate summit.

Marina Melanidis, co-director of Climate Guides, writes about the need for action from political leaders. “We will be voting for those who understand the absolute urgency of action now… for those who understand the need for a rapid and just transition to renewable energy as well as greater support for nature.”


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