COP 26 Nature Zone and nature recordings

News 23.11.21

Posted by Reena Chadee

COP26 was a significant moment for nature. In addition to the historic commitments, financial pledges and policy signals, there were more than 70 events in the Nature Zone alone – and many hundreds of nature-related events elsewhere in Glasgow – over the fortnight. In case you missed any key events from the Nature Zone, or other NBS events elsewhere at, we are collating a list of recordings below.

November 1

Nature+Zone at COP26: 1 November (Morning)

Nature+Zone at COP26: 1 November (Afternoon)

November 2

Nature+Zone at COP26: 2 November

Water UK: Unlocking the Nature / Net Zero Balance

November 3

Nature+Zone at COP26: 3 November

WWF, COICA, and DAR: Role of indigenous peoples and their communities and Nature-based Solutions

Verra: Voluntary Carbon Market Global Dialogue (VCM-GD) Supply-side perspectives

November 4

Nature+Zone at COP26: 4 November

November 5

Nature+Zone at COP26: 5 November

November 6

Nature+Zone at COP26: 6 November

U.S. Center COP26: A Natural Response to Climate Change – Integrating Nature-based Solutions

U.S. Center COP26: Saving Nature to Save Ourselves

Unilever: We cannot win on climate without winning on nature

November 7

RSPB and the Environment Agency: Coast to Coast- Nature-based Solutions for Climate, Biodiversity & People

November 8

Nature+Zone at COP26: 8 November

November 9

Nature+Zone at COP26: 9 November

November 10

Nature+Zone at COP26: 10 November

November 11

Nature+Zone at COP26: 11 November

November 12

Nature+Zone at COP26: 12 November