Cultivating an Environment for NCS Public-Private Partnerships

American Forests

Saturday, November 12th, 2022
15:00:00 - 16:00:00

This event will be an intimate discussion between leaders of the public and private sectors mapping out the need and opportunities to build functional, scalable, transparent, and replicable public-private partnerships for natural climate solutions. In order to the leverage funding and ambition to build a movement in both the public and private sectors, an enabling environment must be created with demonstrable leadership through programs such as These partnerships can serve as a catalyst for action – from policy interventions (i.e. Inflation Reduction Act), capital investments (i.e. zero-deforestation and conversion supply-chains), financial tools (i.e. carbon markets, green bonds), and accountability standards, to on-the-ground interventions (i.e. conservation, agroforestry, improved forest management, reforestation, etc.). Specific care will be taken to defining what “net-zero” means for both corporations and governments alike, and highlighting pathways beyond “net-zero” using natural climate solutions.