Canada NCS Mapper

Welcome to the Canada NCS Mapper!

Here you can visualize the amazing potential of Natural Climate Solutions for Canada. This mapper shows the data for 15 pathways of climate action for which data is available at the provincial scale. You can click the information button for pathway descriptions and the FAQ for additional information.

Natural climate solutions are actions to protect, manage or restore land that can avoid emissions or increase sequestration of greenhouse gases from agricultural lands, forests, grasslands and wetlands.

The mapper shows the mitigation potential at three different price points, as well as the maximum mitigation potential, that each pathway could achieve. Click the lock icon to set all the pathways to the same level.

At the national scale, the table ranks provinces by mitigation potential as well as tallies the total mitigation possible with the selected pathways and price points.

At the provincial scale, once you click on a province, you can see the ranked list of selected pathways and their cumulative mitigation potential.