Project 195: Building a global movement in support of natural climate solutions

News 07.11.18


We would love to have all 195 signatory countries of the Paris Climate Agreement on board with natural climate solutions. How do you build a movement in support of natural climate solutions beyond the climate bubble and highlight that natural climate solutions are in danger of becoming the “Forgotten Solution” to climate change?

One way was to enlist the help of 195 handpicked global ambassadors to highlight the importance of nature – forests, farmlands and wetlands – as a response to climate change.

During this year’s Californian Global Climate Summit (GCAS), we asked these global ambassadors to share a personal photograph of a tree of significance from their country. Many were adorned with a ribbon to signify that we must not forget the power and critical role that trees, forests and all natural climate solutions play in drawing down carbon from the atmosphere.

Today, the project keeps on growing, with more ambassadors joining every day. There is a while to go until we get all 195 countries on board; we hope the next UN climate meeting will be a powerful draw.

Browse the Project195 ambassadors via our interactive map and follow Project195 on Instagram.

You can also become part of the movement by sharing your images on Twitter and Instagram, and using #TheForgottenSolution.