VOTE TODAY: #NatureNow film on natural climate solutions is up for a Webby award

News 06.05.20


Wednesday 6th May 2020

Last year’s video, made by Tom Mustill, featuring Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot narrating the power of nature as a climate solution is up for a Webby Award and we need your help to push it to the top spot.

Nature4Climate loves this video’s powerful and simple message. We posted this film in September 2019 and since then we’ve seen increased momentum and acknowledgement of their role. That said, we need more funding and more political action as the role of natural climate solutions in the fight against climate change continues to be essential. Natural climate solutions can cost-effectively provide roughly a third of the climate action needed by 2030 and, unlike other carbon removal technologies, are available and proven now. There is a growing understanding that we cannot limit the rise of global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius and achieve ‘net-zero’ emissions by mid-century – the goals set forth by the Paris Agreement – without major investments in natural climate solutions today.

Nature4Climate loves this video’s powerful and simple message. Please help us get this simple and powerful message out again and vote for this film here!