WWF and ILO: How nature-based solutions can power a green jobs recovery

That COVID-19 crisis, and the economic disruption and loss of employment it has brought with it, is further increasing global inequality, and threatening prosperity around the world. It is also contributing to the climate and nature, as efforts to address climate change are deprioritized, and as desperate communities lean more heavily on the natural systems on which they depend.

These natural systems play a vital role in supporting employment. Some 1.2 billion jobs in sectors such as farming, fisheries, forestry and tourism are dependent on the effective management and sustainability of healthy ecosystems. Half of the world’s Gross Domestic Product is, to a greater or lesser degree, dependent on nature. Stressing or destroying vital ecosystems will have enormous economic as well as environmental and social costs.

Too often, nature and the economy are placed in opposition – where there is believed to be a trade-off between human well-being and a healthy planet. This report shows how the two can work in tandem, with green, sustainable jobs powering economic recovery.

Published October 2020.

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