Indigenous Peoples Day at COP28 by If Not Us Then Who

Posted by Nature4Climate

Indigenous Peoples and local communities must be at the forefront of nature and climate leadership and action. They safeguard and nurture 80% of the world’s cultural and biological diversity, whilst occupying only 20% of the lands. These groups possess knowledge and solutions vital to restoring ecosystems and carbon sinks. They are the first impacted and most vulnerable to climate events. We must put words into action and secure the tenure and protection of the territories of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

To make sure we are promoting an equitable, diverse environment for fruitful discussions, the Nature Positive Pavilion @COP28 dedicated a full day to the official pavilion programme to host discussions and activities relevant to and curated by Indigenous People’s agendas at the Conference.

Hosts: Nature4Climate, Global Alliance of Territorial Communities, Peoples Forest Partnership, Nia Tero, If Not Us Then Who.