Internet of Nature: Why Leveraging “NatureTech” Can Scale-Up Nature-Based Solutions

News 03.02.22


‘In the right way, technology can help create transparency, accountability, monitoring and measuring.. all the things people have been saying could not be done for nature-based solutions’. Nature4Climate director Lucy Almond joined host Nadina Galle for a conversation about NatureTech and what it can do to help in tackling climate change in the latest episode of the Internet of Nature podcast.

The episode explores how new advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, geospatial mapping, blockchain are changing the game for practitioners all over the world and can be deployed in the service of nature and the climate.


Eager to know more about the many ways technologies can help enable, accelerate and scale-up nature’s ability to combat climate change ? Here are 5 reasons to listen out for NatureTech.