World Soil Day: It’s time to scale-up soil carbon

News 04.12.19

Posted by Nature4Climate

December 5 2019

As we accelerate critical global action on climate change, the role of soil organic carbon in global carbon cycles is growing in visibility and political buy-in. At this week’s UN climate meeting in Madrid (COP25) advocates are eager to see support for new programs following from this scientific and political momentum.

In essence, the interface between policy and science is a high-stake issue that may be heating up debate but unfortunately could also be slowing progress, according to experts. There is an urgent need to translate soil carbon science and behavioral science into more policy-ready information that increases confidence, and creates actionable options for governments, businesses and landowners.

Soil scientists say that we know enough to act; the Paris Agreement says to include ‘all sinks and sources’ which includes soils. Yet today, only 8 governments have soil carbon targets in their NDCs; that could increase to many more. Practices that restore soils are well understood, efficient and cost-effective, and can be applied to almost every landscape on Earth. Let’s do more on World Soil Day for the Earth and for the climate. Read more.