Natural climate solutions critical part of overall action needed on climate

News 07.03.19


The Nature4Climate coalition welcomes a new paper released this week citing the need for
both natural and energy solutions to stabilize our climate.

We are pleased to see the ongoing discussion around natural climate solutions (NCS) which reinforces our message that reducing emissions from fossil fuels is absolutely essential to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. The IPCC (2018) and most recently Anderson et al. (2019) conclude that the world needs aggressive actions to reduce fossil fuel emissions and to pursue land-based options to stabilize warming well below 2°C. Land-based options include NCS and bring multiple associated benefits of fresh air, clean water, livelihood opportunities as well as, habitat for wildlife.

Lucy Almond, Director, Nature4Climate, said: “The paper states that “to maximize NCS, it is important to act on the full range of possible incentives and policy levers. Incentives and policy levers could include regulatory approaches, carbon markets, or payments for co-benefits. We urge governments and business to simultaneously move quickly with emissions reductions. Improving global land stewardship and eliminating fossil fuel emissions are themselves both massive undertakings. Nevertheless, both must be accelerated urgently over the coming decades to avoid the even greater costs to society posed by current and escalating climate change.”