Nature @ COP27 Daily Brief – Nov.15

Briefing Room 15.11.22

Posted by Patricia da Matta
COP 27 is finally here and in addition to an exciting events schedule and news coming out of the Nature Zone and Nature’s Newsroom, we are keeping our eyes and ears out for anything nature related inside the Blue Zone. Our Daily Nature Brief at COP27 will be coming out every morning from 7-18 November with an inside scoop into the most important climate conference of the year. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the brief directly in your email.

Against the wider backdrop of serious questions being raised about the ultimate COP outcome,  on the nature side of things, week 2 kicked off with countries being urged to further endorse and sign onto the 10 point finance plan to bridge the finance biodiversity gap.  17 countries have already endorsed it. In terms of the next steps, the UK is going to present the outcomes of the ministerial session publicly today at a session here in Sharm on the “COP to COP Bridge”.


Yesterday saw a range of great events. Here’s a quick recap of a few of our top picks in case you missed them.

How Scaling Nature Tech Could Help Solve the Climate and Nature Crises

First, Nature4Climate, along with climate investment platform Capital for Climate, launched a new report to bring attention and finance to the burgeoning NatureTech sector. The report highlighted the potential for the sector to grow to USD $6 billion or more by 2030. Our panelists provided insights on the potential for NatureTech to accelerate NBS, necessary safeguards to protect people and biodiversity as new tech is introduced, and how to  catalyze exponential growth for the sector this decade. View the recording here.

Getting to Zero-Deforestation by 2030

Jack Hurd, Executive Director of the Tropical Rainforest Alliance, moderated a packed session at the US Center yesterday on getting to zero-deforestation by 2030 with panelists from USAID, the Ministry of Environment of Peru, and WRI. The panelists tackled questions on the challenge of raising more finance to make standing trees more valuable than deforested land, governance, and engaging local communities. You can view the recording here.

Unlocking Finance for Nature: Towards Scalable Carbon Monitoring Solutions

WRI brought its A-game in sharing how their Land & Carbon Lab is developing open-access data solutions to improve the accuracy, precision, transparency, and cost-effectiveness of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification at the project, jurisdictional, and global scales in this event. Speakers previewed upcoming breakthroughs in how we monitor carbon removals from local landscape restoration, avoided emissions from reducing deforestation, net GHG emissions from commodity supply chains, and more. You can view the recording here.

Round Up 

  • Large Rainforest Nations United. Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia announced a new formal partnership to cooperate on forest preservation. During talks preceding the G20 summit the three nations signed a joint statement stating their intent to work together to negotiate “a new sustainable funding mechanism” to help developing countries preserve their biodiversity, as well as to increase funding through the United Nations’ REDD+ program for reducing deforestation.
  • African Cities Water Adaptation Fund. The World Resources Institute and partners launched the African Cities Water Adaptation Fund (ACWA Fund) with the aim of channeling $5 billion toward urban water resilience solutions in 100 African cities by 2032. The fund will enable city leaders to directly access funding and technical support to implement innovative solutions targeting a range of water issues, including integrated governance, watershed management, increasing sanitation services, improved stormwater management and wastewater management.
  • Forest Data Partnership. WRI, FAO, USAID, the U.S. Department of State, Google, NASA and Unilever announced a call to action from the Forest Data Partnership for companies, public institutions and NGOs to join forces in catalysing and operationalising better data on the world’s land and forests. The Forest Data Partnership invites participation from leading companies that buy, produce or finance forest-risk commodities along with national and sub-national governments, NGOs, and technical partners and communities to meet a set of three goals.
  • AWARe Initiative. Egyptian Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hani Sewilam, with support from the World Meteorological Organization, announced the launch of the Action on Water, Adaptation, and Resilience (AWARe) international initiative. The initiative that will champion inclusive cooperation to address water related challenges and solutions across climate change adaptation. AWARe aims at contributing to a successful outcome at the 2023 UN Conference on Water and it brings together the Water and Climate Coalition, the Adaptation Action Coalition as well as the Marrakesh Partnership Climate Action Pathway Water towards scaling up adaptation action.
  • IKEA Climate Funding. The IKEA Foundation, a strategic philanthropy funded by IKEA owner INGKA Foundation, announced yesterday plans to deploy €600 million in climate funding by 2025. Key areas of deployment identified by the foundation include stimulating a shift to alternative and plant-based proteins, and reducing methane emissions in agriculture.