Nature4Climate, Metabolic and Arboretica: New NbS Policy Tracker to cover policies across 144 countries

Briefing Room 03.11.22


The second version of the Nature-based Solutions Policy Tracker is now available.

Launched in 2021 at the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference CoP 26, the NbS Policy Tracker aims to serve as the world’s largest global database of public policies to support nature, helping governments and investors increase ambition and awareness of nature’s potential to tackle the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis more effectively.  This year, the database was expanded to include 257 more policies in 66 countries, achieving 462 policies in 144 countries. The second edition also features a mapping of NbS-relevant targets in 31 countries’ international nature and climate commitments to the international community. Ten case studies are included, highlighting policies that enable positive action on NbS, as well as the key NbS-related terms on their NDCs, NAPs and NBSAPs.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify legislation and investment plans for nature-based solutions (NBS), the NbS Policy Tracker provides a repository of real-time policies and best practices that can provide decision-makers with valuable lessons and insights to catalyze NbS.

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