Nature4Climate: New NbS Commitment Tracker analyses pledges’ progress made since 2019

Briefing Room 13.11.22

Posted by Patricia da Matta

Nature4Climate has developed an “NBS commitment tracker” – an evaluation of progress on joint action commitments that have been made on nature-based solutions from 2019 to 2022. The tracker shows some good progress across a number of different initiatives and commitments, but also that there is much more to do. Overall it tracks 80 commitments so far and finds that 55% demonstrate substantial signs of progress or completion, while 45% show only small signs of progress or no progress at all.

We will be keeping this tracker updated as more information becomes available. This resource was compiled through desktop research; there will be gaps or missing information that we need your help to fill. So far, new commitments made at COP27 have not yet been added; although previous commitments made prior to COP27 and reported on in Sharm have been updated. Please reach out to us with comments and we will continue to update you on an ongoing basis.

We hope this will serve not only as a database of commitments that have been made but also as a way to celebrate progress as well as encourage a renewed commitment to taking action on nature loss and climate change.