Stocktake since launch of the first ever Global Youth Position by Youth Bridge Foundation

Posted by Nature4Climate

The usage of the NbS concept has increased since the first ever launch of the Global Youth Position on NbS at UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow on November 6, 2021. However, since then, there have also been greater hazards and misunderstandings about how to apply it. In addition to providing clarity on the idea as a whole, the unveiling of the Global Youth NbS Position also served to inform, equip, and empower young people about the principalities of nature-based solutions while taking a firm stand against instances of concept abuse and exploitation.

The strongest step taken by the international community is the adoption of the UNEA resolution 5.2 in March 2022- and most recently a global consultation on NbS in October 2023- providing a more mutual definition of NBS, that seemingly frames the concept as closing the door to some misinterpretation and greenwashing, and including in it the notion of rights based approaches. During COP28, we take stock of the use of the Nature-based Solutions concept in policy and practice since launch of the Nature based Solutions Youth position- as well as highlight and hint on and further re-amplify the key messages as highlighted in the statement from its launch.