The leaders of these sinking countries are fighting to stop climate change

News 19.06.19


Here’s what the rest of the world can learn.

TIME, by Justin Worland, 13 June

The success of these countries offers a broader lesson: no one nation can solve a problem as complex as climate change alone, but together, bands of nations can make a difference. And that lesson applies to a host of global challenges, from emerging diseases to international terrorism and the spread of nuclear weapons. As states around the world turn inward in response to rising populism, the tiny island nations are showing that international institutions remain not only relevant but also necessary to address the toughest challenges of our generation.

The UN Secretary General has thrown the weight of the U.N. towards combating climate change and is convening a September summit to bring together heads of state along with business and civil-society leaders. We expect nature to have a seat at the table too.

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