Our future needs to be both ‘Net Zero’ and ‘Nature+Positive’



Our future needs to be both ‘Net Zero’ and ‘Nature+Positive’


We’re turning our attention in November to the most important climate meeting since the Paris Accords. We all know that to limit global warming to 1.5, we need to rapidly decarbonise and halve emissions by 2030. But Net Zero is only part of the story, we need to make sure we’re also focused on protecting, managing and restoring nature, because there is no point in transitioning to a net zero economy if our vital ecosystems continue to be degraded.

Becoming Nature+Positive is not only crucial to stabilising climate, it has the power to increase food security, create jobs, improve health, promote education and rebuild economies. To become nature-positive, we need to take action for nature in its own right.

Because there’s power in Nature+Positive.

Find out more about the Global Goal for Nature – becoming nature-positive by 2030 – at

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